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Volume covers a wide array of topics from the creative mind and life experiences of David McEwan. Topics include squatting in London, drug abuse and prostitution, religion, city life vs. the suburbs, war, love, life and death.

Musically the album takes the listener on a journey through each topic, from the heavy pounding tracks such as Hard to Come By, Destroyer and Live Wire Reaction, to the more subtle Girls are Gone, Seasonal Crash, Teenage Toys, In Ruins and Your Story and on to the full head on fury of Sophie’s Dance, Oil to Blood and What’s In Between, ending with a sonic eruption in Memories Keep Changing.


released September 3, 2011

All songs written by David McEwan


all rights reserved



Skelp Washington, D.C.

Skelp was formed in September of 1995 by singer/guitarist from Glasgow, Scotland David McEwan. Bassist Ted Watts joined soon afterwards. Several drummers came and went but McEwan and Watts remained the band’s nucleus as they regularly gigged around the north east coast of the USA. Ben Azzara who played in numerous Washington D.C Dischord bands joined in Jan 2011 on drums. ... more

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Track Name: Live Wire Reaction
You gave me nothing that I wouldn’t take
I gave you something right back thinking you would break
You gave me everything and then some more
But I passed out on the floor – I couldn’t take it anymore
I took a real hard stare penetrating your eyes
And found untamed wild youth inside
I gambled with my lucky dice
As I shift from side to side - As I shift from side to side
I’ve got a live wire reaction
To everything you say
I got a live wire reaction
To everything you do
I gave you something that you couldn’t dilute
An unusual potion to savor
You chugged it right down then gave me a stare
Now it’s only if I dare – I’m not even sure that I care anymore
Track Name: The Girls are Gone
I kinda hoped every morning
To look over and see you there
We’ll wake up to the sound of a sweet voice
Playing out by the stairs
I miss you more than I imagined
Lonely evenings find despair
Now I know how much I love you
Separated by the ocean - so dark and cold out there
The girls are gone now – just for a little while
The girls are gone now – just for a little while
I spend all of my time with both of you on my mind
Disjointed feelings inside me
Break out for a while and sing
Things too fragile gonna break too easily
Decapitation for the head of love is what I sing
Track Name: Hard to Come By
Getting harder to come by
So easily lost
Congratulations my friend
You’re something I’m not
The congregation watched their minister spill out his guts
The factory workers rebelled against authority – demanding a life
Stick to your guns now
Try to honor your life
Loyalty in these times
Is gonna surely pay off
It gets so hard sometimes these days
No matter how hard you try
If you’ve got something that you can sacrifice
Then maybe you can buy some time
Track Name: Oil to Blood
Commanded by deception told to liberate the oppressed
But they didn’t tell you that they had no plans to bring you back
Scramble through this rubble and you’ll find the enemy’s den
Your mission here is Search and Destroy and it’s just like Vietnam
Hey there Texas rancher man wake up
These games you play they’re not much fun
Hey there Texas rancher man you’re out
Legacy of a cowboy terrorist
Ah you’re so happy - happy at war
If you burn this flag you bare would anyone see or care
You can step outside the law because there are no laws out there
You can lay your weapons down - try to find a peaceful end
Perhaps you’d rather hang around and play Russian roulette with your friends
It’s all for oil and mud
It’s all for oil and mud
Then oil turns to blood
Track Name: Destroyer
Destroyer of time tell me the reason for your crime
Tell me I got to you
I ran with the wrong crowd so hang me for treason to be sure
I don’t get in your way no more
I was sent to kill you by the ones you hold so close
Get to know you and win your trust
You thought I came to thrill you and hang out for a while
Sorry but I don’t have time to stay
Destroyer of minds you talk about the seasons changing moods
As you’re tearing your life apart
I ran with the wrong crowd so hang me for treason to be sure
I don’t get in your way no more
They’re trying to measure your heartbeat
They’re checking for a pulse
Track Name: Your Story
Now I know how you’ve been feeling
And it really got me thinking
I’ve been there for your whole life
Watching closely as you stand there
Moving gracefully with great care
It’s a beautiful thing to me
You’ve got to tell your story
No matter how it sounds
You’ve got to tell your story
Shout it out loud
How could you possibly know that
One day we’d change forever
One day we’d wake up in a different time
Now that I‘ve been here a long time
I’m gathering all of the pieces
Memories branded and broken by time
We’re making plans for a new life
Moving to a different country
Where it all started out for me
Track Name: Teenage Toys
I don’t feel any pity
But I see a whole lot of pain
Spend my nights in the city
Youthful souls ignite again
Grey towers growing higher
Casting shadows from east to west
Try so hard to see the sunshine
In the place that I know best
Cause you’re a teenage toy in some town
And you’re living in a carefree time
All teenage toys of the future
Tell me all about your paradise
To a rhythm the street lights flicker
On and off with your heartbeat
Distant brawl sounds too familiar
It’s just shit on the street that the garbage man left
Track Name: In Ruins
The gang’s all here for another night
Hit the streets and let the fun begin
We’re all fired up high on squatters white
Without a care in the world we opened our doors wide
We owned nothing at all and had nothing to hide
A sight so unlike all the others…is that what we were then?
So many gone sometimes I wonder…just what they would be like now
Make no mistake we were no angels…and we knew what we were doing
Could leave in peace or we could leave this place…in utter ruins
Firmly anchored in the east end streets
We never locked our doors at night
They came often and they stayed for a while
Without a care in the world that’s what we were doing
Left some kind of a mess buried deep in the ruins
Some guy spinning at my pad one night
He didn’t like my record collection
He was tossing the vinyl all over the room
Without a care in the world that’s what we were doing
Left some kind of mess buried deep in the ruins
Track Name: What's in Between
Her eyes were stranger than the riddles of long ago
But somehow she found a way to stare
Sometimes her fear it suppressed her right to scream
In her courage she really did not care
Her feet were rooted in the soil of the earth
And her mind it soared so high up above
She stood for strength so much stronger than she knew
And her attitude it fitted her like a glove
Wo oh oh oh oh the goddess of light cries loud
Wo oh oh oh oh in time we all must fly
If all we do is live and die
Let’s take the time
To see what’s in between?
Sometimes she felt like she couldn’t catch her breath
But she never stopped to slow down for a while
Got swept away by her thoughts one summer’s day
Her life goes on but what’s left in between
What’s in between?
Track Name: Seasonal Crash
Winter minds break and crack so cold with the season
Snow piled up on hills too high to climb
There’s no changing your mind without reason
Thinking ahead you’re gonna wish you had more time
But I feel it changing now
And there’s something you should know about
There’s something I gotta say
The seasons crash right down on you
And I feel it changing today
Spring infusion of color into this dark world
Shooting life into the veins of everything
Eyes open again or maybe for the first time
Cold dark seasonal discharge left behind
The air is changing color
Ride the train from hell straight through the brain again
Close your eyes and jump - crash land and roll
Open your eyes up wide - try to recognize yourself
Seasonal change shoots color back into life
The air is changing color
Track Name: Memories Keep Changing
Gonna breakdown now - try to mellow out
Gonna shoot straight up and crush all doubt
Maybe wallow in self-pity just for a while
Until I swallow a whole city
Gonna meet the world and all it has to offer
So leave the dregs and let, let, let go of the others
And let, go, now, let go of the others – oh yeah
Memories keep changing - In Glasgow greens were green
In London things aren’t quite what they seem
In London things aren’t quite what they seem to be
Ask yourself what you really care about
Release the fear and change the game
Memory serves a need deep inside of you
If you bring it out now you’ll live it again
Memories keep changing

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